After the Thaw

More terrific pictures from New Hampshire Garden Solutions. These from a beautiful part of the world in all seasons, but rare ones of after the storm.

New Hampshire Garden Solutions

1. Snowy Heron Tree

Though the January thaw was a week long, welcome relief from the biting cold it seemed to pass as quickly as an October afternoon. Hot on its heels came a snowstorm that the weather people told us wouldn’t be anything more than a dusting, but turned out to be several inches of wet, heavy snow that stuck to every branch and twig. The tree in the distance is the one that great blue herons sit in, but even though one of them stayed until it snowed this year, I haven’t seen him or his kinfolk in over a month.  I know if I had wings I’d be heading to someplace a little warmer.

2. Snowy Trail

I was up before the sun came over the eastern hills, wanting to make every minute count because there was a strong wind forecast for that afternoon and I knew would it blow all of the snow…

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